Premium Services

Enjoy the convenience of prioritized incident management and personalized technical support with the Cybern Consulting Premium Support Services (PSS) program. Premium Support Services complement and extend existing standard technical support options by providing focused industry-centric Support.

Who Uses Premium Support Services?

The Premium Support Services program has been designed to meet the needs of Cybern Consulting customers who are developing, implementing, or supporting complex, mission-critical applications.

Why Use Premium Support Services?

With the Premium Support Services program you will benefit from the highest level of technical support that Cybern Consulting offers. Services include:

  • An assigned Technical Account Lead who acts as your liaison within Support and across Cybern Consulting departments
  • 24/7/365 incident logging and work clock
  • Prioritized incident management
  • Daily status updates for all Premium Support incidents
  • Premium access to the My Support portal
  • Monthly review of Premium Support incidents and service
  • Other benefits exclusive to Premium Support Services customers



Program Components

Assigned Technical Account Manager

Premium Support Technical Account Managers are Cybern Consulting professionals who focus on understanding your industry specific business needs and goals.  Your assigned Technical Account Manager will be responsible to ensure that your organizations support needs are met by:

  • Working directly with your Authorized Callers to manage your support needs
  • Proactively inform Authorized Callers of upcoming software news and updates
  • Actively participating the handling of in all of your Premium Support incidents
  • Acting as a liaison across Cybern Consulting Departments
  • Conferring with Cybern Consulting Development to resolve problems
  • Providing daily progress reports for Premium incidents

Two Authorized Callers

Up to two Premium Support Authorized Callers can be designated per contract. The designated Authorized callers will be the main points of contact between your organization and your Premium Support Technical Account Manager. This relationship ensures frequently communication and allows for proactive knowledge transfer.

Prioritized Incident Management

When a Premium Support Incident is logged for your organization you can expect:

  • A Notification acknowledging that your incident is in the initial stage of review within one hour.
  • Elevated incident priority
  • Access to Premium Support Level Analysts
  • Daily incident status reports

Proactive Information Sharing

Premium Technical Account Managers will proactively provide your organizations Authorized Callers with software news and updates.

Premium Access to the My Support Portal

All incidents logged for an Organization can be viewed and tracked 24/7/365 online via the My Support Portal. Premium Support Authorized Callers will be able to use the My Support Portal to log and track Premium incidents, enter and maintain GIS system profiles, and access other Premium Support-related tools.

Proactive Premium Support Review

A key component of the program is a service review which is attended by your Account Manager, Technical Account Manager, the Premium Support Services Manager, and other Cybern Consulting staff as required. The objective of this meeting is to review your Premium Support incidents as well as proactively communicate software news and updates.

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